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As the New Year approaches, and you begin to make your list of goals and resolutions, don’t forget to do one thing that will help boost you to the next level: CELEBRATE! We live in the land of ‘more.’ A land where nothing is ever good enough or plenty, so it’s difficult for us to be content with anything. Either, we can’t celebrate our current accomplishments because we are constantly haunted by our past failures; or, we can’t appreciate how far we’ve come because we’re constantly plagued with thoughts of how far we have left to go. A few words [...]

Single for the Season?

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With the Holiday season creeping up, many of us will desire to hold, caress and create special memories with someone. We will cringe at going to family dinners alone. We will reminisce over exes. We will consider those available guys that we passed up all year long. We will even contemplate attending parties and outings with that asshole who only wants sex. All of this we will do simply to avoid feeling lonely. But, I’d like to make a suggestion: DON’T BE THIRSTY! and DON’T SETTLE! The best part of being single is the time you have to grow as [...]

Operation Move On

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No one wants to seem stuck-up, shallow, or high and mighty, but in the words of my Aunt Kathy: "Girl, all you gone get is a crook in your back if you keep bending over picking niggas up!" BAM! My aunt saw something in me that I failed to see in myself. She saw the insecurities, brokenness, and desire to be needed. Perhaps, she saw a bit of herself and other women that she’s encountered. Perhaps, she was simply doing her best at saving me from the habits that lead to regret. I don’t know why she said it…but her [...]

To Be or Not To Be–(with him). Is that the question?.…

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THE CHEATER He cheated. He lied. He cheated again. He lied. He confessed. He lied. He apologized. He lied. You forgave him. You lied…?? Don’t stay because you fear loneliness. Don’t leave because you want revenge Don’t stay because of material benefits Don’t leave because you can’t forgive It’s hard trying to determine whether to stay or leave. Sometimes it takes separating to gain a clear perspective. We want to make sure our motives and intentions are right for whatever decision we make. Men: You can’t cheat on a woman over and over again and expect her to just get [...]

How to Get Started Performing Spoken Word and Poetry in Public

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Many of you want to know how to get started performing Spoken Word and poetry in public. There is no 1 answer. There is no blueprint. Everyone’s journey is unique. Now, let’s be real. I know some of you don’t want to hear this hustle and grind shit. It’s like blah, blah, blah. LOL. But, I will not (and cannot) call Russell Simmons’ cell phone and say, “Hey, put so-and-so on!” Some of us have really unique stories of instant Def Poetry success; however, for the most part, even those folks will find themselves using the same methods I will [...]

When Did She Become A Mistake?

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You can’t blame her for your confusion. You have one foot in and the other out. You’re the one straddling the fence. Guess what…It’s not her fault… You love her. She would be perfect if you were ready for a relationship. You don’t want to lose her. Yet, you’re in no position to commit to a real woman on a real level. So, you keep her in the wings. String her along until you’re ready—if ever. In the meantime, you continue to run the streets, hit the clubs, and hang out with buddies that hang out with bitches. So now [...]

Lady in The Men’s Room

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Lady in The Men's Room - Now available for ORDER!   I am so excited to share this handbook with you! For the past few months, I have been interviewing men and spending countless hours researching and writing about important relationship topics. If you have my first CD, 'Tonight…I Jus’ Wanna Write' or if you’ve checked out any of my "Wife, Woman, Friend" videos, then you already know why fans and fellow poets call me The Heart of Spoken Word. I like using poetry as a way to creatively address the matters of the heart---good and bad. [...]