As the New Year approaches, and you begin to make your list of goals and resolutions, don’t forget to do one thing that will help boost you to the next level: CELEBRATE!

We live in the land of ‘more.’ A land where nothing is ever good enough or plenty, so it’s difficult for us to be content with anything. Either, we can’t celebrate our current accomplishments because we are constantly haunted by our past failures; or, we can’t appreciate how far we’ve come because we’re constantly plagued with thoughts of how far we have left to go. A few words of encouragement:

Embrace the journey. Appreciate the moments. Celebrate the victories!

Surely I’m not suggesting that you get too comfortable or complacent on this journey. However, I am suggesting that you give place to contentment and allow yourself some internal satisfaction along the way. Celebrations are not stopping points–they’re simply mile markers that let you know you are progressing.

In this marathon, distractions may slow you down and desperation may speed you up, but celebrations are great for capturing the essence of the moment while helping to maintain the perfect perspective and pace.

Winners know it’s important to tell yourself: I can do it!
So, celebrating what you’ve already done is like telling yourself: I told you so!

Your celebration can be simple or detailed, 30-seconds or 30 days, a solo affair or huge shindig. The important thing is that during this celebration you take time to smile, give thanks, congratulate yourself and share the good news.

Problems, issues, circumstances and situations are inevitable. Shit happens. And, between your family, friends, faith, finances, and future…you will always have something to do. Heck, we can all have a never-ending to-do list. I think that’s great—no need to be stagnant!

Yet, along with all the do’s, DON’T forget to celebrate the ‘done(s).’

So if you done [as in ‘I done did…’ (you know what I’m sayin’)] *clears throat*…..

So if you done:

Began a healthy relationship…celebrate!
Ended a bad relationship…celebrate!
Received an award…celebrate!
Closed a business deal…celebrate!
Conquered a fear…celebrate!
Completed a program…celebrate!
Stepped out on faith…celebrate!
Overcame any obstacle…CELEBRATE!

I KNOW you can’t find something worth celebrating. If you’re having a hard time coming up with something, then borrow a celebration. Yeah, celebrate your friend’s success, and then celebrate yourself for choosing such a successful friend…LOL.

Oh! One more thing:

While arriving at your celebration, watch out for the party crashers! Envy, greed, regret, discouragement, and doubt..yeah, stop them at the door and tell them, “Sorry, your name is not on my guest list!” It’s a celebration b!@$!!


How about you? What are you celebrating?